About Me


My first word was “woof." Though I wouldn’t have a dog of my own until my teenage years, my life has always been filled with four-legged characters. My uncle’s two golden retrievers guided me along as a toddler. A rotating cast of dogs and cats (not to mention horses) ruled the riding stables where I spent a good chunk of my adolescence. In the story of my life, there are dogs in every chapter.


I was snapping away from an early age, with the guidance of my father, a fine-art photographer himself. My favorite subjects were, naturally, dogs and other animals. As I matured, I realized that the key to my approach was developing a keen sense of the individual. Through photography, I am able to capture not just a visual moment, but more importantly, the personalities of my subjects—from the regal and sophisticated to the downright goofy.


With time, I’ve expanded this personal approach and have used it with success to photograph children, along with horses, and other animals. I now live in Nederland, CO with my French Bulldog, Reuben, crazy tuxedo cat Maru, and boyfriend Brook. I now mainly focus on personal photography projects, but I'm also a professional dog trainer and occasionally open up photo session slots for training clients. My training website is www.thinksmartdog.com